Ecstatic dance festival 2020!

WAUW WAUW WAUW what an amazing experience again with beautiful souls!

We danced, laughed, hugged, hold each other space, cried and chanted songs together. Connected from heart to heart. It was a bumpy ride being there 2 weeks. Some doubts, fears, struggles, insecurities on the way but during the weeks there was space for trust, contentment, love, patience, inspiration, joy, connection and a lot of dance!!!

I had the opportunity to lead the Ecstatic dance ceremonies and teaching the yoga sessions in the morning! Feeling honoured, grateful and most of all really thank full for those who trusted me doing this ūüôā

I left the festival with an open heart full of love, insights and interesting connections. Gratitude! Memories that stay with me in an afterglow. Below the trailer and a link to the website.

Stay tuned for more photos soon )



© 2019 Araliya Bosma


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